MOLIBU offers partnerships for the following projects:

  • Preconstruction – In the design phase, MOLIBU’s creative team develops innovative ideas that utilize high-level technology solutions.
  • Construction – MOLIBU’s lean processes make all kinds of construction projects run smoothly, whether you need general contracting or integrated project delivery.
  • Interdisciplinary Document Coordination (IDC) – Our IDC services reduce RFIs by more than 60%, drastically speeding up the construction process.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Using BIM’s data management and modelling systems, we can easily adjust the model so it works for you through the lifespan of your project.
  • Transition Planning & Management (TPM) – Focus on your day-to-day in the midst of complex, multi-phase moves. Our smooth operators excel at planning and managing building transitions.
  • Multi-Site Project Delivery Systems – MOLIBU has partners and facilities located around the globe. Regardless of project location, size, or complexity, we have the resources required to advocate for our clients.
  • Environmental Services – MOLIBU identifies thoughtful solutions to environmental considerations that enhance the site’s overall performance.
  • Fueling Facilities Construction & Repair – With operations around the world, we’re capable of providing building solutions to complex fueling facilities, even in remote locations.
  • Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) – We utilize SRA to plan for potential risks and identify time-saving opportunities that mitigate project slippage.
  • Facilities Management – MOLIBU offers private and public sector building management to maximize your operations.
  • Multimedia Studio – MOLIBU’s team of multimedia experts go beyond simple renderings to actualize high-impact visual communication.
  • Design-Build – Our team works collaboratively with you to satisfy your aesthetic, functional, budgetary and schedule expectations.
  • Delivery Methods – At MOLIBU, everything is really about you. We tailor our delivery methods to the planning, design, and construction processes of your projects.
  • Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) – Integrating design and construction processes keep your project in alignment.
  • Disaster Recovery & Reconstruction – In the unfortunate case that disaster strikes, MOLIBU Reconstruction Services provide a straightforward approach to getting your buildings up and running again.

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